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Who are Animosity?

Animosity is a new World of Warcraft guild located on the Scarlet Crusade server and is made up of server veterans with plenty of experience.

Our leadership has raided everything from Molten Core to AQ40 in Original, and from Karazhan to Sunwell in Burning Crusade. We have experience as end game tanks, healers and dps.

Due to the influx of 10 man Wrath guilds on the server, we have decided to turn Animosity into an alt guild, for friends to quest and level together on their non-raiding alts, as the core members of the guild have currently turned elsewhere for raiding.

If you are interested in joining Animosity, please contact an officer.
Other Guild News

Animosity's First Instance Runs as a Guild

Flourentine, Nov 16, 08 12:37 AM.

On Saturday, November 15, we ran several instances for the first time as a guild- The Nexus, Azjol'Nerub, and Utgarde Keep. At the end of Utgarde Keep, Ahentha's pet corehound Drooler got a little friendly with the corpse of Ingvar the Plunderer, as seen above. The next day, together, we tackled Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom, and Drak'Tharon Keep.

It was a fun time for all and a sign of guild unity as we continue to progress together in Wrath!

Animosity Has a New Address!

System, Oct 20, 08 1:22 PM.
Animosity has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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